Eigenlanes: Data-driven lane descriptors for structurally diverse lanes
Authors : Dongkwon Jin, Wonhui Park, Seong-Gyun Jeong, Heeyeon Kwon, Chang-Su Kim
Conference : CVPR
Year Published : 2022
Topics : Computer Vision, Lane Detection


A novel algorithm to detect road lanes in the eigenlane space is proposed in this paper. First, we introduce the notion of eigenlanes, which are data-driven descriptors for structurally diverse lanes, including curved, as well as straight, lanes. To obtain eigenlanes, we perform the best rank-M approximation of a lane matrix containing all lanes in a training set. Second, we generate a set of lane candidates by clustering the training lanes in the eigenlane space. Third, using the lane candidates, we determine an optimal set of lanes by developing an anchor-based detection network, called SIIC-Net. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm provides excellent detection performance for structurally diverse lanes. Our codes are available at https://github.com/dongkwonjin/Eigenlanes.